King James KJV is the only translation without a copyright.

The word "rapture" never appears once in the entire Bible; but the word "tribulation" appears 22 times.

Although noted as extra-biblical, The 1611 Authorized Version of the King James Bible included the Apocrypha.

The word "hallelujah" never appears in the Bible.

Most people believe "hallelujah" means Praise God, but that's actually Alleluia! Ironically, Helel is another name for Satan (Lucifer) and we wonder if it is possible that saying "hallelujah" is actually praising the devil?!

We should pray with open hands.

The idea of praying with closed hands/arms and lowered head came from Roman, which is how you would surrender to the empire [for your wrists to be bound] The scriptures tell us to pray with "holy hands", open and raised high to God. It's impossible to give and receive blessings when we are in submission!

Unicorns are mentioned in the Bible nine times; and the 1st rainbow was God's promise to never flood mankind again.

God took Enoch and Elijah to Heaven without dying. Is it possible that they are the Two Witnesses of end times?

Jesus didn't have long hair.

Not only did Jesus specifically speak against men having long hair, he also specifically spoke against idolatry and graven images. For this reason, Jesus was never depicted until 300 AD, and his long hair and beard were later added by artists to add charismatic characteristics, to help make him appeal to the mythology of Rome and Greece, and to help make him stand out in their artwork. The earliest depictions usually had a bald face and short hair (in a tunic) like a classical Roman hero.

Jesus wasn't born on December 25th.

Sadly, the entire Christmas story is a blatant pagan cover-up from the Christianization era of Constantine. Scripture very clearly speaks against celebrating pagan festivals; and it even specifically mentions decorated trees in our homes (Jeremiah 14)